Our Services



The Point Vet uses the latest protocols as set out by the Australian Veterinary Association - including the dog triennial (3-yearly) vaccine. This also allows for socialisation of puppies from 10 weeks of age and eliminates the need the old protocol of three vaccinations. The yearly heartworm injection for dogs is now licensed to use in puppies from 12 weeks of age for convenience. We offer the complete range of cat vaccinations including the Feline Aids Vaccine (FIV).


With an in-house laboratory for instant results as well as access to several external laboratories, we offer a complete range of all the diagnostic testing your pet needs.

house calls

As part of our complete veterinary service we offer the convenience of consultations in your own home. We find this is especially useful for older or larger dogs and when the time comes to finally say goodbye in the comfort of your pet’s home.

puppy pre-school

The most important part of a puppy's life is socialisation - this means with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds and creeds. Our puppy school, led by our nurse Lauren goes for four weeks and teaches your pup all the best manners to take home with you but also, learning how to behave around other dogs - young and old. If you have a new puppy and are unsure about whether you'd like to get involved in puppy school, please call the clinic, the girls are only too happy to answer any queries.




From routine de-sexings to more complex surgery, The Point Vet offers it all. Your pet’s health and optimum recovery from anesthetic are our priority and to ensure this, all our surgical cases are placed on a drip and given pain relief as standard. There is no extra cost incurred for this. Our patients are fully monitored during anesthetic and their recovery. We have specialty waiting areas for all our pets for pre and post surgical care and monitoring.


Oral health/hygiene is very important for optimum animal health. We perform routine dental prophys as well as the more complex orthodontic procedures.

Additional services

  • Preventatives—Flea, Tick, Heartworm and Intestinal worms

  • Nutritional support—Royal Canin animal diets

  • Weight clinics

  • Arthritis consultations

  • Behaviour modification—ADAPTIL collars and Feliway Diffusers

  • Specialist Referral

  • Nail Trimming

  • Puppy preschool

  • Range of shampoos, ear cleaners and treatments for irritations

  • Non surgical (hormonal) sterilisation

  • Cat grooming 

  • Acupuncture