Blood Tests for Pets!

Did you know that blood tests are just as important for your pet as they are for you? Blood testing is a very important part of your pet’s anaesthetic procedure!

It can detect problems with your pets vital organs and tell us what is happening deep below the surface by testing blood cells, analysing the kidney and liver and much more.

Complications that may be picked up in a pre-anaesthetic blood test will indicate whether we should go ahead with a surgery or not, including clotting issues! For example, we would never go ahead with a vascular (bloody!) surgery, if your pets blood results ind icate that they can not form a blood clot!

Blood testing allows us to check for diseases or health problems that might not show up in a general examination, so its very important to test your pets blood before they have their anaesthetic procedure! Ask us about pre-anaesthetic blood testing in clinic, or call us on 07 5564 2822.

May Newsletter

May at The Point Vet 💓

Well we have been totally overwhelmed and ecstatic by the arrival of Dr Johns lil bubba but that doesn't mean we also haven't been busy busy at the clinic. 
We had Dr Penny come in and fill in for Dr John whilst he was on Paternity leave, which was amazing and we got some really great feedback in regards to her care which was comforting!

  • We also have DEER ANTLERS back in stock - which everyone loves and we always run out so hurry! 
  • We will be CLOSED on Monday 7th May for LABOUR DAY
  • We have a new PUPPY PRESCHOOL class starting this Tuesday 1st May! If you would like to enrol your new puppy give me a call or email me here
    - PH 55642822
  • We are also going to be apart of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk this year! We are fundraising and spreading awareness for pets in need! Check out our Facebook Event! Don't forget to click "GOING" to help spread the word! You can also donate to our fundraiser - The Point Vet Team HERE! 

- Also just a reminder that we are an appointment based clinic. We can be quite heavily booked up, making it very difficult to squeeze in walk-in appointments and can put our appointments & surgery schedule behind quite significantly. We really appreciate it if you give us a quick call prior to making your way down
However, in case of emergency disregard this! Get to us ASAP! 
Have an amazing day!  💓
Nurse Tess, and The Team at The Point Vet