Blood Tests for Pets!

Did you know that blood tests are just as important for your pet as they are for you? Blood testing is a very important part of your pet’s anaesthetic procedure!

It can detect problems with your pets vital organs and tell us what is happening deep below the surface by testing blood cells, analysing the kidney and liver and much more.

Complications that may be picked up in a pre-anaesthetic blood test will indicate whether we should go ahead with a surgery or not, including clotting issues! For example, we would never go ahead with a vascular (bloody!) surgery, if your pets blood results ind icate that they can not form a blood clot!

Blood testing allows us to check for diseases or health problems that might not show up in a general examination, so its very important to test your pets blood before they have their anaesthetic procedure! Ask us about pre-anaesthetic blood testing in clinic, or call us on 07 5564 2822.