Dental Health in Pets

August is Dental Month at The Point Vet

We're talking about the risks of dental disease, the benefits of good dental health and what symptoms to look for in your pets!

Over time bacteria, saliva and food debris form a thick layer of plaque on the surface of our pets teeth! We humans can easily brush our own teeth, but brushing our pets teeth can be a mission! So therefore the plaque builds up over time on the tooth! Imagine not brushing your teeth for a couple of years, how your teeth would feel!  Ew!

To prevent dental disease we recommend:
-A dry food diet
- Dental care specific diets such as Hills T/D or Royal Canin Dental
 - Dental chews such as Deer Antler, Goat Horns or raw bones
-Regular dental checks with a Vet
- Scale & Polishes to keep your pets teeth nice and clean are also recommended if we have plaque build up. (These require a full general anaesthetic, so your vet will indicate if this is required).

 If we don't keep on top of our pets dental health the build up of plaque and tartar begins to  irritate then we start to see inflammation and gingivitis along the gums which is often quite painful!
 Eventually plaque and tartar build up leads to periodontal disease where the tissues and supporting structures of the tooth are affected which then results in our poor pets teeth needing to be extracted as they are becoming or have become rotten!
Dental disease also has implications on other organs in the body.  Infection within the mouth can be picked up by the blood stream and carried to organs such as heart, liver and kidneys which can lead to other health problems.

Symptoms of Dental Disease include: 
- Bad breath
- Pets seeking out softer foods or dramatic increase in appetite
 - Chewing on a particular side of the mouth  
- Salivation
- Pawing at the mouth
- Yellow or brown discolouration on the teeth and around the gums

Dental disease can be a source of misery for our pets which they often deal with for months on end.   As a part of pet dental health month, in the month of August we are offering free dental checks.  These provide you with appropriate dental care advice tailored to suit your individual  furry friend

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